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How to Integrate In-App Purchase for ROKU?

ROKU Developer added In-App Purchase so that the ARM developers can be benefited. The application will remain free or at minimal cost for the customer and if the customers want to upgrade it or use new features of the application they can make In-App purchase for newly added features. 

ROKU Development team made integration for In-App purchase very simple so that any ARM developer can use it. 

Let’s go through the process step by step : 

  1. Create, then Monetize a Channel

     You can monetize a public or non-certified channel. But before, you can monetize your new channel, you need to create it using “Developer Dashboard” and then write the code. Your new channel can be a public channel, but it does not need to be published and certified. 

  1. Creating a New Channel

     If you’re creating a new channel, follow the steps shown below. You will need a catalogue feed for your content. Go through the ROKU Development process for creating a public channel. Once, testing and monetizing is done, you can certify and publish it. 


Create a ROKU customer account:

  1. Upgrade to a ROKU developer
  2. Enroll in the ROKU Partner Payouts Program to receive payments for channels, games, content, and ads:
  3. Create a public channel using SceneGraph, including creating or using a catalogue of content.
  4. Then package it but do not publish it or get it certified.
  5. Monetize in “Developer Dashboard”.

b) Testing a channel

Once you have updated your channel to include the code necessary to implement billing, you’ll want to test it. For this, navigate to the “Developer Dashboard”, find the channel, and designate it as the “Billing Testing” Channel.

2. Purchasing the Sign-Up sample

       Sample Application: ChannelStore_SignupFlow (from GitHub, original by ROKU Developers)

The ChannelStore_SignupFlow sample created by the ROKU development team shows the code you need to implement to sign up a new user and allow the purchase of a subscription using the SceneGraph ChannelStore object.

Sideload this sample channel to see the sign-up screens, including the purchase of a subscription. You might be asked for your ROKU PIN, so have it available.

  1. Once the channel is installed, launch it and you will see the screen for login or sign-up. 

NOTE: This sample only handles sign up, not login, so choose “New subscriber (sign up).”

2. Selecting “New subscriber (sign up)” brings up the “Request for information” screen. Enter the testing account’s email address and click “Allow” to use.

3. Enter a password and click “Continue”.

4. If you see the example “Terms Of Use” screen, select “Accept” to display the products associated with the channel.

5. The “Subscription” screen lists the products available for purchase. Choose a product.

6. Enter your Roku PIN to confirm the purchase.

7. Once the purchase is confirmed, the in-channel purchase is complete.

Now, you’re ready to go to launch In-App purchase in your own channel or application. 


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